The Smithfield Calendar and    

 5 1/2 x 8 1/2  planners are a vital fundraiser for our organization. Each month features a pen and ink drawing of a local home, scene or architectural feature. The entire Smithfield community helps this annual project with their support and advertising.

It enables us to provide donations to needy organizations and support our scholarship program.  

Calendars        $10.00

Planners          $10.00

Calendars and planners may be purchased from any member of The Woman's Club of Smithfield. To order by mail, forward your

check in the amount of $15. This covers

the cost of the calendar and includes $5 to cover shipping and handling fees.  Please be sure to include your full forwarding address.  Checks should be mailed to:

The Woman's Club of Smithfield

P.O. Box 754

Smithfield, VA 23431

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